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Contour GPS



Contour GPS
Location Add an entire new layer to your storytelling. The built-in GPS receiver tracks your location, speed, and altitude while also recording in beautiful hands free HD.
Using our storyteller application you can assemble and upload your run to contour.com and watch it via interactive map and video player that allows you to rewind, fast forward or click to the best parts in your run.

MOBILE CONNECT The most connected video camera in the world, ContourGPS has built-in Bluetooth and a mobile App to turn your phone into a wireless viewfinder. Available on the Apple iOS platform, ContourGPS enables your iPhone or iPod Touch to line up your shot and change your settings in real-time. Hands-free video just got a lot more hands-free.

HD The ContourGPS captures beautiful 1080p video. It utilizes a 135 wide-angle lens that delivers a true high quality image that captures all the action with minimal distortion or fish eye. It records Full HD in all its glory.
We provide several different camera settings so that you can get the shot that best fits your activity. Choose between 3 resolutions and 2 frame rates so that you get the best shot.

Hands Free The camera, at only 5.2 ounces is the smallest and lightest combination of hands-free video and GPS. It's also easy to operate and use. As simple as sliding a single oversized switch forward to start recording, even with a pair of gloves on. In addition we make it simple to line up your shot with a rotating lens and two lasers that assure you get that perfect shot.