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Hellfly Ballistic Blk w/ Photochromic


Hellfly Ballistic Blk w/ Photochromic
Sunglass-style ballistic protection in a sleek wrap-around frame for everyday, on or off-duty use.

OPTICS: 2mm thick lenses made of high impact, optical grade polycarbonate ensure visual clarity.

100% UV PROTECTION from harmful UV A-B-C rays.

WRAP-AROUND design with wide field-of-view protects from light, wind and unexpected fragments.

COMFORTABLE FIT contours to face; adjustable nosepiece for custom fit; overmolded arms keep eyewear in place.

LOW PROFILE DESIGN provides comfort for all.

TOUGH & DURABLE material resistant to chemicals & extreme temperatures; lens hard coated for maximum scratch resistance.

LIGHTWEIGHT: At 1 oz. the Hellfly is lightweight and comfortable.

VARIETY of frame and lens colors to suit any mission.


PHOTOCHROMIC LENSES- Lenses are clear when indoors or at night, and automatically darken to a sunglass tint in sunlight.

Black Frame / Photochromic