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Nitron by Precision Aerodynamics



Nitron by Precision Aerodynamics
Predictable openings, without getting slam dunked or spun-up. Smooth, responsive, predictable front riser control. Plenty of managable energy at the bottom end of the flight for those consistent dreamy landings...

When Precision decided to introduce a new canopy to the high-end, non-crossbraced 9 cell market, they took the time to ask a lot of questions and to get a lot of answers from canopy pilots across this segment of skydivers. What they came up with was the Nitron.

The Nitron features HMA (Technora) suspension lines for lowest bulk and drag, as well as for longevity and durability. The continuous line configuration has no cascades, and enables a more stable trim package for enhanced performance and control. The snag resistant collapsible slider comes standard. The Nitron is available in 8 sizes ranging from 78 up to 170 square feet, and as with all Precision Aerodymanics products, he Nitron is 100% American made with 100% American factory service.

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A USPA D License or equivalent is required to buy this canopy. All purchases of this canopy will be verified by Gravity Gear prior to shipping and payment.