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Pilot by Aerodyne



Pilot by Aerodyne
A canopy designed by pilots for pilots.

The Pilot, by Aerodyne, is a 9-cell ram-air canopy with top and bottom skins built from zero-porosity fabric for best performance and longevity. Since its introduction, the Pilot has charmed beginners and experienced jumpers alike. Whether your cup of tea is a conventional approach or something a little more playful, the Pilot will surprise you with its stable flight, responsive turns and comfortable flare. When flown under a lighter wing loading, the Pilot is an ideal choice for those who downsize after initial training and buy their first canopy. Increase the wing loading and the Pilot becomes a favorite companion of the more experienced skydiver who enjoys the higher performance and faster turns it can produce.

Features or the Pilot:
  • Comes standard with 725 lbs. Spectra lines, soft links and a slider with new “lightweight” stainless steel grommets
  • Made of zero-p fabric for ultimate performance and longevity
  • Color coded line attachments for easier PRO packing
  • Moderate “planform factor” provides excellent turn response without excessive oversteer