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Omni by Icarus Canopies


Omni by Icarus Canopies
The Icarus Omni is the latest innovation in 7 cell canopy design. 7 cell canopies gained popularity because of their ease of use and gentle characteristics. The disadvantage with 7 cells is their reduced lift and more subtle flare characteristics when compared with many 9 cell designs. While this is no issue for beginners or at lighter wing loadings many more experienced skydivers also prefer the ease of use that comes with 7 cell canopies and are prepared to sacrifice lift and glide for this benefit.

The Omni addresses these issues offering a larger range of flight on an all purpose 7 cell canopy.

The Icarus Omni is a 7-Cell, Semi and Lightly elliptical, Zero Porosity canopy. It has been designed as an all purpose canopy with soft on-heading openings, predictable flight characteristics, light toggle and riser pressure and with the added advantage of an increased glide ratio and greater flare power when compared with many other 7 cell designs.

The result, a 7 cell with an increased operating range, useable for all facets of modern skydiving.

At lighter wing loadings (below .9 PSF) it is a good transition canopy or for someone who likes to take it easy. At heavier wing loadings (up to 1.5 PSF) it will have noticeable performance while maintaining soft openings and great landings.

We recommend wing loadings from 0.75psf to 1.5psf.

Standard sizes: 99, 109, 119, 129, 139, 149, 169, 189, 209, 229.

Backed by Icarus Canopies "EXCLUSIVE" 31 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.