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Crossfire 2



Crossfire 2
The ultimate high performance 9 cell!

When Icarus released the Crossfire, they revolutionized what was possible with a 9 cell non-cross braced canopy.

The Crossfire is categorically a step up in performance from any other 9 cell in the world. Its swoop capability almost rivals cross-braced canopies such as the EXTreme FX while maintaining many other more desirable flight characteristics including a long recovery arc, an incredible swoop distance and with openings that are unparalleled.

The Crossfire 2 has the same impressive capabilities and now incorporates some of the most responsive toggle and riser control inputs of any canopy in the market. It has a light front riser pressure and an even longer recovery arc.

The Crossfire 2 is a highly elliptical, constant cell aspect ratio, closed nose, fully surface shaped inflatable wing capable of unrivaled performance.

It will out perform any non cross-braced 9 cell available.

A USPA D License or equivalent is required to buy this canopy, please enter your number when checking out.