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EXTreme FX


EXTreme FX
THE Extreme FX is available in ANY size between 70 and 120 square feet.
Minimum wing loading of 1.3 is required.

COLOR OPTIONS:A- Any Solid Color
B- Top Skin, bottom skin and ribs in one color with the cross-braces, slider and stabilizers in a darker color.

- 500 VECTRAN lines (Spectra is NOT available)
- Stainless steel slider grommets.
- Kill-Line slider.
- Kill-Line collapsible pilot chute.

The EXTreme-FX is not for everybody - it's not an all round canopy or of much advantage at light wing loadings.
But if you're a bit of a canopy connoisseur who likes flying a canopy and enjoys a radical turf surf then you should definitely consider the Icarus EXTreme
At high wing loadings it will out perform any canopy currently available (with the exeption of the EXTreme VX), it's expensive, it's bulky but it opens well and is a pleasure to fly and land.

A USPA D License or equivalent is required to buy this canopy, please enter your number when checking out.