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Skytronic GFX



Skytronic GFX
The Skytronic GFX is a new and unique audible which may be used as a hand or helmet accessory. Its graphic display uses simple icons and the 'Navigation Switch' is like a joy stick that may be operated efficiently with just one finger! Both the most sophisticated user and the technically challenged will be comfortable using this new and advanced product which is both air and water friendly.

  • Choice of altitude display while climbing to altitude
  • Sound may be disabled
  • Altimeter view may be rotated by 180 for freefall
  • Altimeter view resolution can be adjusted

  • Powerful and easy to recognize audible signals
  • 3 freefall warning altitudes available
  • Optional countdown warning signal
  • 3 canopy descent warning signals available
  • Freefall warnings and countdown timer may be preset in 9 user profiles
  • Named profiles may be saved with jump information
  • Profiles may be reviewed when climbing to altitude
  • Freefall simulation is available to check settings.

  • Information about the last 200 jumps is automatically recorded
  • Each jump logs: type and number of jump, date and time, exit and deployment altitudes, freefall time, maximum and average freefall speeds
  • The logbook can be downloaded to a PC using an optional Skytronic to USB interface
  • The logbook can be reset at any time
  • Initial jump number can be set while resetting logbook

  • Maintains jump history: highest exit altitude, lowest deployment altitude, highest freefall speed
  • Counts jumps made
  • Totals freefall time
  • Statistics can be reset independently by the logbook
  • Initial freefall time can be set while resetting statistics