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Aeronaut Altimeter



Aeronaut Altimeter
The accurate and reliable mechanisms of the new Parasport Italia Aeronaut mechanical altimeter offers accurate readings to 18,000 feet (6000 meters). Key altitudes are marked with sectors colored in red, orange, and yellow. The wide diameter face has a perfect visibility thanks to the white dial and the wide numbers easy to read from different angles. The Aeronaut is protected by a sturdy and thick glass, made of a special resin, shock and scratch resistant, offering no optical distortion.

The Aeronaut Classic has a robust and compact case made of die-cast aluminum measuring less than 1 inch tall with a diameter of just over 2.5 inches. It is available with white dial and Night Black matte finish case only, with a newly designed and super comfortable foam padded hand mount included.

Available in two styles:
  • The Classic model has a slightly larger face
  • The Sport model (Shown to the left in metric units) has a beveled edge with additional altitude markings up to 18,000 ft.

    Both models of The Aeronaut carry a 2-year manufacturer's warranty under normal use. Available in standard or metric units.