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Vigil II AAD



Vigil II AAD
The Skydiver's Guardian Angel

Like any other AAD on the market, the purpose of the Vigil II is to save lifes.

Overall Advantages:
  • Unique patented time calculation giving high accuracy opening
  • Patented cutter device (circular knife) cuts the reserve loop twice
  • Special flexible connecting wires: easy to install in all rigs
  • Battery molded in epoxy (no leakage possible)
  • A very robust device
  • A competitive price and a low total owner cost

  • Multimode: 3 Modes in 1: PRO - STUDENT - TANDEM: Students, once out of student status, switch your Vigil II to PRO. Experienced skydivers, PRO or TANDEM, the Vigil II will follow. Schools and drop zones: the versatility of the 3 modes is far more cost effective then having to purchase and maintain three separate fleets of mode-specific AADs.
  • Life Expectancy: Vigil II is designed for 20 years life expectancy
  • User Friendly: Alpha numeric display for easy configuration and clear communication
  • Memory Features: Logbook with total number of jumps, overall free fall time, last free fall time, max speed of the last free fall, number of saves, atmospheric pressure, and temperature.

    As with ANY Automatic Activation Device, the Vigil II is to be used as a last-resort safety device only. It was never intended to, and is not to be used as a parachute's primary opening system.