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Vert Glove



Vert Glove
The Vert Glove has evolved over the last 4 years into the first choice for extreme sports enthusiasts. It's fit and quality construction make it stand out from the rest. Ideal for tandem, base and just about any time you need that funky shot.

Front insertion of the camera into the Vert glove insures a firm fit and prevents camera movement. The camera must be installed into the glove before the glove is placed over the hand. This insures ease of camera insertion into the glove and your hand forms the baseplate for the camera to sit on. This design works well to prevent the camera from slipping out of the glove in the event of the closing flap being left unsecured. The no zipper contoured glove construction guarantees security when you need it most.

The Vert glove combines construction with 5mm neoprene in the camera housing, for strength and stability, and 3mm neoprene in the glove. Using this method gives you the best possible solution for comfort and functionality and makes the Vert glove the most comfortable and user friendly Handcam system on the market.

Key features:
  • 3 and 5mm neoprene construction for better comfort and security
  • Velcro and clip camera security
  • Available in 5 sizes

    To find your Vert Glove size please measure the circumference around your hand just above your thumb.

    Please note! if you jump with gloves please measure with your glove on.