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Force ChinCup



Force ChinCup
The Force ChinCup, made of light weight carbon fiber, is designed to be mounted easily to any open face camera helmet. An ideal addition to that camera system that you just can not bear to part with. The Force ChinCup is designed to be as flush and smooth as possible with the ratchet tongues fitting into the body of the chin cup to avoid fowling with other equipment.

Key Features:
  • Low profile design with flush buckles and straps
  • Releases easily with the push of a button
  • Comes with stainless steel mounting screws and hardware, including machined aluminum countersunk washers
  • Multiple adjustment points on the webbing side of the CutAway chin cup
  • The Force ChinCup comes standard with the MXV or add one to your M1 in minutes

    The integrated Cutaway system (shown) can be added for an additional $67.00