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Xaos-27 by Precision Aerodynamics



Xaos-27 by Precision Aerodynamics
Stabilizers Evolve into Stabilribs

With the Xaos-27, as well as other Ground Zero canopies, we have instituted a technology that we refer to as a "Stabilrib", integrating the stabilizer panel with the end rib as a solid piece, and attaching the outboard suspension lines to the bottom of the Stabilrib instead of the lower surface of the canopy. By designing and constructing the canopy this way, several things happen, and all of them are good.

First, the suspended load imposed on the end cell is evenly distributed throughout the chord of the wingtip, resulting in better airfoil performance during all flight modes. Diffusing the end cell loading throughout the chord also eliminates the inefficient point loading of traditionally built canopies, and puts the Stabilrib to work full time, producing more efficient flight at full glide, creating a positive control point during quick turns, and channeling airflow more efficiently across the lower surface generating a more powerful flare.

Drag Reduction, Higher Flight Speed, Dynamic Performance, and Line Durability... A Win-Win-Win-Win Combination

Another area of concern in the development of the Xaos and other Ground Zero canopies was to find a material to use in suspension lines that would not only yield a lower coefficient of drag but also a material that could tolerate the friction of the slider for the duration without detrimental effects.

With the Xaos-27 and other Ground Zero canopies, Precision is utilizing a fiber known as HMA for suspension and control lines. HMA is an acronym for High Modulus Aramid fiber. Our experience during the past two years indicates that HMA line not only packs smaller, it also tolerates the slider's friction quite remarkably, while at the same time retains its linear stability as well as Vectran. Xaos-27 canopies (and other Ground Zero canopies) each contain three different sizes of HMA line including 352, 440, and 946-pound tensile strengths. The braided diameter is smaller than either Spectra or Vectran.

Continuous Suspension Lines

We have outfitted the Xaos-27 and other Precision Ground Zero canopies with continuous suspension lines. By eliminating the suspension line cascades we have done several very important things. We have eliminated a library of malfunctions associated with cascaded suspension lines, we are able to use a much smaller diameter suspension line (less drag), we have minimized the front riser pressure while enhancing riser flight control on both front and rear risers.

Lateral Reinforcement Bands

Some people who have closely inspected the Xaos-27 have noticed and commented on the addition of lower surface lateral reinforcement bands. It is interesting to note that the general impression is that these bands are intended for opening integrity, and while that may certainly be true, the real reason for spanwise lower surface reinforcement bands is flight stability, especially during radical flight maneuvers. The spanwise lower surface reinforcement bands allow the airfoil to retain its proper 3-D shape during all phases of radical canopy flight.

The Refined Leading Edge

One of the least noticeable, but most significant changes in the Xaos-27, is the refinement of the canopy's leading edge. We spent months on this small but important element of the Xaos airfoil. Take a close look at the shape of the Xaos leading edge as compared to other cross-braced canopies available. While it is not so apparent in full flight because of typical speed distortion, the refined leading edge of the Xaos-27 airfoil explodes dynamically into play throughout the entire landing phase of flight, while it works in concert with each of the previously mentioned enhancements (Stabilrib technology, HMA fiber braided suspension lines, continuous line geometry, and lateral lower surface reinforcement bands) to deliver an ultra-performance canopy flyer's dream... an ultra performance canopy flight that defies gravity.

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**Warning !! Minimum Experience Requirement for Xaos-27
The Xaos-27 is one of the highest performance wing we have produced to date. Please do not purchase or jump this canopy before you have a minimum of 500 elliptical ram-air jumps experience within 15% of the manufacturer's Maximum Operating Weight Limit. Maximum Operating Weight Limitations for the Xaos-27 are absolute. Do not exceed these limitations under any circumstances. Severe bodily injury or death may result in exceeding these limitations of experience and/or wingloading. Prudence and good judgment dictate that your chances for long term survival and happiness under this canopy require that you observe and follow these limitations.

A USPA D License or equivalent is required to buy this canopy. All purchases of this canopy will be verified by Gravity Gear prior to shipping and payment.