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Liquid Flatlock



Liquid Flatlock
The Liquid Flatlock has been designed to keep your camera investment as secure and close to your head as possible. Precision machining and quality materials make this mount the best in the business.

Cookie Composites realized the need for a larger and lower camera quick release mount specifically for skydiving. Low risk of snag and camera security were also high on the list of proprieties in this design.

Cookie also designed a Poly Urethane Block (Flatlock helmet adaptor) to support the Liquid Flatlock on your Cookie MXV and ROK. These 2 items together give you the unique feature of a large quick release mount while keeping the low profile and smooth design of the Cookie MXV or ROK.

Features include
  • Size 3.75in x 2.75in x 0.3in (100mm x 75mm x 8mm)
  • Weight 4oz (120 grams)
  • Light weight aluminum construction
  • Low profile design
  • Large footprint for extra camera rigidity and security
  • No snag, skydive specific design
  • Fast lock in and out

    Shown with camera plate out.