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BoneHead Optik



BoneHead Optik
Take me to the top... or even to the side... or both!

The OPTIK from Bonehead Composites features some of the great technology developed by BoneHead.

Looking for an open-faced helmet to bolt all of your cameras to? The OPTIK is the simple answer. We made the OPTIK to be a great all around camera helmet with the ability to mount cameras either on the side or on the top or BOTH! The OPTIK also features a small lip on the back side of the side camera mounting platform to help deflect "Riser-Strike" and to help prevent the accidental loss of your camera, and the ability to put 1 or 2 audible altimeters on the inside of the helmet and not have to worry about them sailing off in freefall.

Whether you mount your camera on the top or the side or both, the OPTIK is a great camera helmet setup regardless of what flying position you are in!

The OPTIK comes standard with BH's ingenious Thermal-Fit liner, and ratcheted chin-cup. The only things the OPTIK doesn't come with is your creativity, D-Box and cameras!

Sizing Chart:
Small (22-22.5")
Medium (22.5-22.75")
Large (22.75-23.25")
X-Large (23.25-23.75")
XX-Large (23.75-24.25")