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Triathalon by Aerodyne



Triathalon by Aerodyne
The Triathlon is a seven-cell, zero-porosity parachute designed for skydivers who want one canopy that does it all.

Today's skydiver is much more versatile and multi-talented than ever before. Free-fall, canopy relative work (CReW), free-style, sky-surfing, sit-flying, demo jumping, cross-country flying, parabatics, and more...are all readily available to the weekend fun-jumper. The Triathlon was designed to excel in all of those specialties!

The Triathlon was designed, created, and perfected by Aerodyne Research to help make your choice of a new main canopy simple and decisive. This is a user-friendly parachute with exceptional packing, opening, flying, and landing characteristics. It uses a special innovative advanced Zero-Porosity fabric created especially for the Triathlon that is incredibly easy to pack. The Triathlon has achieved a superb reputation for dependably soft and consistent on-heading openings.

The Triathlon is great fun to fly with light toggle pressure and quick turns. The very efficient Triathlon airfoil has a fast forward speed and excellent glide, and has achieved an excellent reputation for rock-solid stability, even in extremely turbulent conditions. Landings under a Triathlon are especially impressive. You can perform spectacular turf-surfs or land softly on a tight demo approach. The Triathlon is the canopy of choice for the world's most accomplished professional parachute demonstration teams. If you are a person who might enjoy doing CRW one morning, freeflying in the afternoon, and a big way at the end of the day, the Triathlon can do it all. Comes standard with your choice of 825 Spectra or 525 Dacron lines and an innovative single drawstring collapsible slider.