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Viso II



Viso II
The VISO II is a digital faced visual altimeter for those skydivers who prefer a digital display over a traditional analog display. VISO II is packed with features and is the perfect visual solution for skydivers. VISO II can be set to display ALTITUDE or VERTICAL SPEED.

  • Rugged rubberized coating
  • Electro-luminescent back light for night jumping; can remain ON for several hours
  • Automatic calibration to local elevation on LCD screen for easy & intuitive operation and information review
  • Logbook with playback of altitude/speed profile for the last jump
  • Operational at sub-zero temperatures
  • Comes with wrist and hand mount
  • Stores up to 10 minutes of profile data for last jump
  • Displays Altimeter or Speedometer details from exit to landing
  • Records and displays jump information about the last 200 jumps including exit altitude, deployment altitude, freefall time, max speed in freefall and max speed under canopy
  • Choice of readings in feet or meters as well as MPH or KMH
  • Actual Dimensions: 2 3/16" x 1 5/8" x 3/8" [56 x 41 x 11 mm]
  • Long lasting, easy to find batteries (Larsen & Brusgaard recommends: 2- RENATA CR-2325, 3 Volt batteries)