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Cypres-2 AAD



Cypres-2 AAD
The best just got better! As the next generation of CYPRES, CYPRES 2 combines tried and true quality and reliability with new achievements, technology, and discoveries made during the past 12 years of continued research and development.

Proven parameters remain the same:
  • activation altitudes
  • activation velocities
  • user interface (single push button)
  • loop cutting system
  • CYPRES closing loop
  • 14 hours run time

    Optimized parameters:
  • Self-test is completed in 10 seconds
  • Changing altitude reference - same procedure but faster

    CYPRES 2 offers numerous additional features and attributes including:
  • unit is water-resistant for 15 minutes at a depth of 15 feet (5 meters) in fresh and salt water
  • power supply of CYPRES 2 is maintenance-free for the user; there is no need to observe a replacement date, record the number of jumps made, monitor the voltage during self-test, purchase a battery, or have a rigger open or repack the reserve for this reason
  • unit serial number accessible from the display anytime you want to see it
  • next maintenance due date accessible from the display anytime you want to see it
  • reminds you when the maintenance date comes near
  • smaller and lighter
  • robust, rigger friendly case, with rounded corners and edges
  • extended maintenance window: +/- 6 months from month of manufacture, no down-time during the busy part of the year regardless of month of manufacture

    According to Airtec's current standard of knowledge, the total lifetime of CYPRES 2 should be 12 years.

    As with ANY Automatic Activation Device, the CYPRES 2 is to be used as a last-resort safety device only. It was never intended to, and is not to be used as a parachute's primary opening system.