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Competition Velocity



Competition Velocity
The podium is right there... Will you be on it

From the inventors of the patented crossbraced canopy, once again Performance Designs is raising the bar in high performance canopy piloting. We've come a long way since the Excalibur of 1989 to bring you the Competition Velocity. This time they've designed a canopy purely for the competitive swooper. Will you be looking up at the podium, or standing on it? In the exciting discipline of Canopy Piloting, a fraction of a second or an extra meter can make the difference between being a hero... or a zero. Technique, Determination, Practice, Persistence, and Talent are essential. What else makes the vital difference? The relentless power of the Competition Velocity.

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All purchases of this canopy will be verified by Gravity Gear before the sale will be finalized.